Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Swan Valley

Helloooo readers! I mentioned in my last second post that my parents and brothers were coming over and now they're finally here! They actually reached Perth on Saturday at midnight and my uncle and I went to pick them up from the airport.

If you guys have never been to Perth, there's nothing much to do around here, so we just went shopping at Carousel. However, we decided to spend a day at Swan Valley (North-East of Perth I guess?) and I drove!!!


Visitor Centre


Picked this up at the Visitor Centre because it looked so cute hahaha


Our first stop was here. It's a chocolate factory kinda place.


I thought it would be something like Willy Wonka's factory but I was so upset to find out it's the opposite :-(


They have free chocolate tasting though so I was cool with it.



White + Milk chocolate yum yum



Then we went to the building next door for some wine tasting.


But all I tasted was spread and vinegar lololol


The next stop was this Lancaster winery.


Daddy was so happy because he got to taste so many different types of alcohol heheh


After that, we went to have lunch at Mash Brewing.




After that we went to Cheese Barrel!!


They don't provide cheese tasting though :-(


But I got the Rouzaire Camembert because my aunt said it was really good.

We went to this wine place but we didn't get anything then we proceeded to the honey place!!!!





Mandatory selfie duhh


My mum and I had the mudcake and it was so good I can't I can't




Didn't get anything at the nougat store but I really like the place because it's so neat??



I never knew there are so many different types of nougats lol



Another wine tasting place where we didn't buy any wines but cheese




We love cheeseeeeeee


Another chocolate shop



The chocolate coated pretzels were amazing!


And that's the end of our Swan Valley trip! It took us an hour to drive back home and I fell asleep after that.


Had steamboat for dinner! 


Another selfie of me with my fluffy pink robe. It was a good day :-)

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