Friday, January 17, 2014


A very belated Happy New Year to you guys! NEW YEAR NEW ME NIGGAS naw I'm just kidding. The old me wouldn't leave, still stupid, still fat. -.-

Anyway, I just got back from my SG trip not long ago, 5 days to be exact but I won't be blogging much about it because most of our activities were shopping, shopping, and shopping, though I didn't mind at all hehe. Let me start off by talking(Talking?) about my KL/Penang trip in December! Which also has nothing much for me to talk about since it wasn't a very good trip :-(


We stayed in Hard Rock Hotel Penang for 3 nights. The first 3 days in Penang was pretty good, good food, good weather, good atmosphere.


We went to the night market with this thing and walked back to our hotel. The night market had a lot of stalls that sell all sorts of fake branded goods such as Prada and Gucci, but what's really funny was that they even sell the LV paper bag!!


Selfie w the fam at Kek Lok Si Temple.


Sisters oink oink

So the last night in Penang, we decided to have our dinner on the roadside where ALL THE GOOD FOOD BELONG. I mean that's true, isn't it? But please take my advice and go to a proper restaurant. I had food poisoning because of that horrible place! Sure, the food wasn't bad but it's not hygienic!

Did you know that a person is capable of shitting 22 times in 24 hours? Neither do I, until I had the experience! The food poisoning was so bad, I didn't even have the appetite to shop. So much time and money wasted on going to the toilet!


We went back to KL after 3 days in Penang, 3 nights in Grand Millennium and 4 nights in Gardens Hotel and Residences. We also went to Melaka for a day and it was burning hot I swear to God.

Above is a picture of our ride around Melaka town. Sweet, eh?



Melaka wasn't that bad. At least the food I ate was clean.


We had our dinner at Bubba Gump after spending the whole afternoon in Sunway Lagoon. The interior was really pretty it's a shame I didn't take pictures of it!!


It's a restaurant inspired by the film Forrest Gump if you can't tell, though I admit I haven't yet finished the movie heh heh heh.

Well, that sums up my KL/Penang trip!


We planned a really really reaaaalllyyyyyy belated birthday party(Not exactly a party but you get what I mean) for MS and Peggy because everyone was so busy worrying and studying their asses off for their A Levels.


We had a under-the-hut-picnic at Agro Park because the sun was so fucking strong and with us being Asians, we couldn't take that shit.


Mandatory selfie duhh


My main bitches



Because their faces aren't in the picture hahahahahah


When I looked at this picture, it was literally my first time thinking "Wow, my hair is really long I think I need a hair cut??"




We went to Blitz after dinner mainly because we just wanted to go on a car ride. It was pretty cool, having 9 people squeezing in a wagon, felt like one big family hehehe.



Wendy and I also got our friendship Barbie Dolls, here's to 18 years of friendship!


Moving on to Singapore! We went there for a week and we stayed at this place called Hangout @ Mt Emily. I honestly have no complaints about it, it was a pretty cool place, really good for a budget hotel. Or maybe all budget hotels are this good? Idk.





Sending you kisses from USS



.. in USS lahhhhhhh

The other tourist attraction that we went was the water park called Wild Wild Wet at Pasir Ris, it wasn't too bad for the amount of money we paid lol.



And that sums it up!

Stay tuned xx

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