Sunday, November 17, 2013

Wow, guys... I didn't know that I was on hiatus????? I am just so busy with work(especially during the weekends and holidays) and my uni application stuff which I don't even know if I am actually doing it the right way, whaaattt??

So, where did I leave off? Ah, my baby left me again at the end of August. 


I miss her so much and I don't even know when I can see her next. It's actually quite hard without her around, I don't have my daily dose of laughter with me like how I used to. I miss how I'd always visit her right after I came back from school, or how I'd always stay at her house for an hour after tuition. I miss how annoying she could get by doing those baby voice, begging me to do something that I didn't want to do, or how she'd always scare me by making herself look like a pontianak whenever it was dark. Ugh, I just really miss my shithead so much God damn it :-(

Moving on! I can't really remember most of the things that happened in the past 2 months..

Except for the fact that I'm not working at New Plus anymore, but at Times Cineplex instead!

I've been working there as a part time worker for 2 months now, but only on Thursday and Saturday nights, and also during the holidays. Honestly saying, I didn't feel comfortable before because I couldn't fit in as I can't really speak Malay, and I used to think that they didn't really like me because most of them didn't really talk to me. But after working there for a few weeks, things got better, and I'm actually enjoying their company (because they make me laugh, thumbs up for ppl who make me laugh bless your beautiful souls amen). So I have to say that, this is one decision that I will never regret. (Especially when they treat me like a princess HAHAHAHAHA)


Do you guys ever realize that I really love friendship bracelets? I used to make those basic chevron ones and I got really bored, so I decided to learn the Kumihimo (7 strings) bracelet and I made one for Mami too! I'm so glad that she wears it everyday, so wherever she goes, she'll know that I'm always with her hehehe


Aside from that, I also made myself a Japa Mala! Oh God, the cost for this is so fucking high???????? I am actually not religious at all, I don't go to the temples and I don't pray. But I'm hoping that having a Japa Mala would at least motivate me to sit alone in my room and meditate for whatever reasons. If it doesn't, at least it makes a pretty room decor!



I just wanted to post these up because my grandparents are so gangsta (and I looked pretty good HAHAHAHA)


Love love this picture of me and my brothers! This was taken after we had our dinner at Pastamania after Sean and I watched Sadako 2 hehe. Anyway, we watched Carrie just now and it was good! So if you guys haven't watched it yet, go get your tickets from Times Cineplex and I'll see you there!!

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Ciao motherfuckers

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