Wednesday, July 31, 2013

My family and I went to Savy's Brasserie for dinner the other night, the one located at Mabohai. It was my first time there and honestly, I was not impressed.

I expected the place to be very classy but it was so horribly furnished with tables and chairs that looked like they belong to McDonald's. 





One of my favorite boys :*


My dad looks like he's about to hit someone here hahaha


The place was so disappointing because they don't give free buns! I mean, every Western restaurants give free buns okay!


I'd been craving for raw oysters for quite a long time so when I ate it, I literally went crazy and cried a little.






Honestly, I wouldn't recommend anyone to go there. The food isn't exquisite and they're super pricey, averagely $25 per dish. NOT ROMANTIC SOME MORE CONFIRM CANNOT BRING FOR A FIRST DATE OK. My dad said that this is a little bit different from the old branch in Bandar so we might go there next time.


Moving on!

I ordered stuff from Cotton On a few months ago, I was super excited because it was my first time ordering online BY MYSELF!!! I sent my parcel to Perth and asked my grandparents to bring it back for me hehe.


All of these added up to only BND65! Believe it or not, I got the black bag for only AUD5 :P


My grandma also got me accessories from Diva, and these all added up to AUD65 HAAHAHAHA

So.. I'm gonna go now?


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