Monday, December 10, 2012

Happy Holidays

Wow! How long has it been? 2 months? I'm sorry for not updating because I've got loads of work, I know I've said this so many times and it's the same excuse all over again but it's the truth, IB does this to you!

I'm flying to Thailand tomorrow morning I'M SO EXCITED I haven't been there in like 5 years and I miss it! Coming back on the 21st of December, which they say is the "end of the world". Balls!





Had tea at Bello on a Tuesday afternoon before Lilian's birthday dinner. Not recommended.


Watched Child's Play 3 with Ian after that but we didn't finish because I had to get ready for the dinner. I had a Child's Play marathon during that period of time and I just realized how much I miss watching the movies haha.


Yeh some of the loveliest people in my life :3


Getting ready for International Day but I didn't join because I had to finish all my work. It was my first and last International Day. But yeah whatevs.


Kind of satisfied with the result of my painted nails because it was really hard to use just a toothpick.


And I made a daisy bracelet! I threw it away already though.


And then I DIY-ed my shoe from Perth which I got for AUD8.00! Yes, quite a productive week.


Had tea at Patisserie one day after tuition. So good!


Dinner with the family at Modesto.


Went shopping at Times Square/Airport Mall/Citi Square(sp) with Ian HAHA


Went to the soft opening of Times Cineplex the next day and everything was for free hahahahaha.


Found this picture in my grandparents' house and I really liked it because of how I look here HAHAHAH It's like one in a million chance where I look good when people take pictures of me.


Yes I dip dyed my hair again and my grandma did it for me! I had a lot of colors on my hair I felt like a mermaid ^^


Taken on Mami's birthday!


Polaroid taken on Mami's birthday as well :3


Had dinner at Kitaro after tuition.. At 9.45pm..


Celebrated Peggy's birthday at Time Square. I forgot the name of the restaurant!


Peggy cried when we surprised her(fail) because Jackie told her that none of us cared about her birthday! Aww poor Peggy!! But it's all good in the end ^^


Ordered 4 drinks at Each A Cup and we stayed there for quite a long time hahahah 


Pitch Perfect after that and it was so hilarious!! 8/10 Recommended!


Grandpa's birthday dinner after Peggy's birthday surprise hahaha.


I got this from an online shop called Fashion Cabaret on Facebook. It took like 2 months to wait but the quality is superb! The owner was really sweet and patient as well so I guess I could say $23 well spent. :)


My cousin(Huge fan of Hello Kitty too) from Taiwan visited and she got me these T.T So adorable I can't even


Wendy's mum made this for Ian and it was so good! She's the best baker I know :)


Attended Jun Yu's and Zi Wei's graduation ceremony. So proud of them and all the other graduates! For those who didn't, it's okay I feel you, it's not the end of the world. Try harder next time because YOLO 


My props for "Trem Bernama Desire" for Malay A1 class. Hakim wanted the Marlboro so I gave him hahha.


Gift from Ms Felina because I got a distinction for my piano practical!! So nervous about my drums practical tho. Hoping to get a distinction!


Teamed up with Yu Jun for our TOK presentation and she slept over on Sunday night. Just relaxing ourselves with ice cream at 11pm and nasi katok at midnight. No worries.


Presented on Tuesday and we were both really satisfied because Ms Wong(I love her she helped us a lot) kept telling us not to worry and that our marks were very good. I hope she wasn't lying!


My fav pic of us!!


There was an early Christmas celebration in school and I literally didn't do anything in any of my classes! Watched Batman during film and just talked in English. All Year 13s went to the IB work room for TOK for Secret Santa! Which is a "game" where you pick a name(by random) and you have to get him/her a Christmas gift.





My loves.


Our English class minus Yi Rou, Cynthia and Nick.







Year 13s minus a few people. :3


I got Ching Yi for Secret Santa and I'm so glad that he liked my gifts because he kept laughing and asked who his Secret Santa is and he gave me a friendly hug. Justin was my Secret Santa and he got what's in the picture above for me! I don't use stuff like this but it's okay it's pink hehe.

After assembly, everyone just hugged each other and it was a first for me(excluding graduation) because I've never seen people hugging everywhere in CHMS HAHAHA


Taken on Papa's birthday!! Which was yesterday.


And I just made this just now. So proud of myself as it was my first time making this kind of bracelet. 

I'll be having mocks after school reopens so I'm practically dead because I'll be at Thailand for like 10 days and I don't know if I have the time to study.


Happy Holidays! :)

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