Sunday, October 7, 2012


Let me rewind to the day before I went to Perth as I missed out a few things that happened in between.


I have to say that I was proud of myself! I know it doesn't look that nice but it was my first try, will definitely improve if I practice. Planning to do tribal prints the next time I paint my nails heh heh.



I had such a good hair day!! My fringe stayed like that the whole day ^^


Click to enlarge. How sweet of my babies :*


Papa got Mami a Chanel, she was having a dilemma of which to buy. When we came back to Brunei, he got her the one that she didn't get. Argh I want also.


Face-timed with Wendy when we were only 2 metres away from each other hahahahahha


I was chatting with BNG and all of them suddenly started asking me to pass their messages to Wendy because she was going to UK. Ahh she cracks me up.


This was taken at like 3am after U.Jeffrey's and A.Suzanne's wedding dinner because we only came home at 2+am. I really liked my hair so I just had to take a picture!!


"Flowers are beautiful then they die."


Had dinner at Fratini's with Zanna, Mee Sin, Hui Ying and Peggy. Jackie came afterwards then we went to DQ and Coffee Bean. Ugh such fatties


OOTD for the day I went out for a movie and dinner with baby.

Top & bottom from Cotton On.
Envelope clutch from baby.


He's so nice, he agreed to go to Tasek with me(And my friends) during fasting month!!


Spent quite a lot of time with my girl since she was going to leave for UK sobs sobs

Anyways, her mum really wanted to bring her to shop for bras at Hua Ho but then I dressed like a beggar so she was like "I have 2 similar sponsored t-shirts, let's wear them." Hahahaha such a nice girl, accompanied me to dress like an idiot publicly.


We only got the plain cone because her mum only gave us a limited amount of money HAHAHA.


At night, we started doing henna tattoos.


She did 2 for me ^^


OOTD for I don't remember when.

Top & bottom from Bossini(from about 4 years ago HAHAHA).


Also had a mini Year10Express 2011 gathering during Hari Raya, first time meeting this boy after such a long time!


A new family moved in to our neighborhood before school started. They have a husky called Toca! Toca is so pretty ^^


First day of school was good. Spent a few periods with the Year12s to "bond".


Rosy :)


Last dinner with Wendy :'(


Year12s had a fashion show the next day. The boy in the big box is in my class.


I really hoped that day wouldn't come :(

It was hard to see her go because I didn't know when we are going to meet again. When she was getting ready to go, I just looked at her, checking her bags and hugging her parents. After that, we looked at each other for a while, I ran to her and hugged her tight and our tears started to fall, she kept saying "Be good, okay? Study hard. Be good." My tears wouldn't stop, I swear!! Hated myself so much for crying because everyone was watching. I didn't want to let her go but everyone was waiting to hug her too. And then Benny(childhood friend) was like "Aiyo this Tomato really cry ah so cute ah you" hahahaha yeah his whole family calls me Tomato.

Although we're far apart, I know that our hearts are always together. :)

Got a text from S when I got home, he said "If you need her or anything I can be her replacement ;)" and "She didn't bring my elephant pillow so you can use it :)". Such a sweet boy, happy for my girl ;)


Got some gifts from my friends! I have to thank Sheena a million for the white light balls or I wouldn't even me happy right now.


We actually knew each other since we were babies so I don't think anyone can imagine how hard it was for me to see her leave..


Made another bracelet.


He came to accompany me before my rehearsal started.


So blessed to have him in my life :)


OOTD again. I don't remember when.

Top & bottom from Padini Authentics(from about 3 years ago hahahaha yes I still wear my old clothes).




Cookie gave birth to a puppy a few weeks ago!


What my Business IA did to my table. I actually enjoy doing my IA mainly because I made up my own questionnaire for NBT's customers and actually get to see what they think hahaha I've always wanted to do that.


OOTD for today. That bunny pouch was given by baby when he went to Singapore for his tournament last year. First time using it, love it so much because it's so cute(like me) LOL

Anyways, it's 11.25pm right now and I have school tomorrow. My bed time is actually 10.30 pm and I stayed up for an extra hour just to blog, such a badass.

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