Monday, September 3, 2012

U.Jeffrey's and A.Suzanne's Wedding Ceremony

Good evening! Here I am sacrificing my dinner time for you, this post will be about Uncle Jeffrey's(Mum's brother) and Aunt Suzanne's wedding ceremony. I love love love wedding ceremonies, especially when it's my relatives' wedding because I can get angpau(red packet) HEHEHE

Anyways, it took place on the 10th of August, which was a Friday. Got up really early as we had to drive to Bandar to collect our takeaways and then back to my grandparents' house.




Uncle and grandpa.


ALL THE FOOD. You see that white thing in between the 2 red kuihs(Ang ku kuih & Gao ding kuih)? That's Wendy's mum ondeh-ondeh and it tasted superb delicious! Also her custard cup cakes at the very end! Her baking skills are (Y)(Y)(Y)!



I wanna take pretty wedding photos also


Grandaunt, Sean, Brandon, Ian, Dad.



Aunt and Sean.


Brandon, grandparents, Uncle, Ian.


Putting on make up because his eye bags were really obvious.


Uncle Desmond! Mum's another brother.


Mum's cousin's wife.




Mum's cousin and her husband.


I don't know what you call them but Uncle Desmond kept calling them 'Heng Tai' it sounded like Japanese porn idk

All dressed in purple because it's the bride's favorite color.


Best man?



The guys on both ends came all the way from Australia.


And we're ready to go!


I wanted to be in the first car so I did. With a cameraman and a videoman.


You have to admit that this picture looks like a poster right right right



7 cars altogether, we were the ones with the highlight on.


THIS IS ONE OF MY FAVORITE PICTURE because it makes me feel like I'm in a gangster group!!!!!


Little cousin became so handsome but he's dark and he looks Thai.


This was already in The Empire Hotel.




On our way to the Villa. 



Bride's dad.


The car kept honking so loudly I was so scared that people might complain!!


Ian was the car door opener so he got loads of angpau. Jealous!




Into the Villa we go!


So at this point, the groom and his Heng Tais have to persuade the 'Ci Muis' to let them into the house. Ci Muis are like Heng Tais but they're the girl version. So of course must give big big angpau to the Ci Muis.




Giving them Rupiahs hahha


This is Jacqueline, she and another 2 girls flew all the way from Australia too.


This packet was a success hahaha

So scary leh TO MY FUTURE CI MUIS please don't bully my future husband when he wants to go in and get me ok
















After the groom and his people step into the house, the groom and his Heng Tais have to play some games. These Ci Muis gave them sour, sweet, bitter and spicy things for them to eat. 

The one above was obviously easy as it was only lemons they had to eat lol


Drinking partners.


Wasabi on cucumber! They chose wasabi because Uncle Jeffrey hates wasabi. A lot of them had tears coming out of their eyes.


Jacqueline, Adele, Candy(Owner of Fun Donut, Fun Bread, Fun Wok etc.), Angela(From Australia).


This was the funniest! This was the sweet part.







Look at the videoman hahaha


This was the bitter part.





I like my aunt's bag T.T


One of the Ci Muis was asking him questions about their relationship. If his answer's wrong, his Heng Tais have to do push ups or sit ups.




It was Mandy(From Australia) who was asking the questions. 


Got the last question wrong and it was 50 push ups.


To celebrate, whiskey time~~~~~~


Ci Muis: Nah whiskey whiskey!
Heng Tais: *cheering*
Ci Muis: BUT we don't have any mixer so you guys have fun (in an evil-ish way)
Heng Tais: NVM we brought our own!





It was locked lolol


They had to sing to her.


Read their contract out loud to her.


Signing the contract.


I really don't like this photographer because he thinks he's all that -.-


So happy~~


The groom has to help his bride to put her shoes on.










She's so photogenic T.T







The bride's parents.


Tea ceremony's next.



Jacqueline was her bridesmaid.



Why I cannot be that cute leh hahahaha



Really pretty fake flowers haha



She's so cute. She's from Hong Kong but she started studying overseas since she was 12.



She couldn't wait to throw her fan. Throwing the fan means that you can't manja manja anymore.



This was the cool part ok!! When we turned into the simpang, all our cars honked so damn loudly and like so many times and then the fire crackers were exploding and like woah lololololol



Grandma's brother and his wife.



Dad wasn't in this picture because he was still in Empire as our car broke down I felt so bad D:



Picture taken by one of the Australian dudes





Walking to my late great grandparents' house.




Shen Shen!!!



Tea ceremony again.






And then it went on with the relatives from my grandparents' batch.


And their own batch.




And then our batch, but it's us who had to serve them tea.










Hahaha failed attempt of mine



And that's the end of the day! 

'Til the next post! x

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