Sunday, September 23, 2012

U.Jeffrey's and A.Suzanne's Wedding Dinner

Yes guys I know I've been away for a very long time, that's because I have an unlimited number of homework piling up my desk, honest. Anyways, this will be the last post of my uncle's wedding!!

So the wedding dinner was held a day after the wedding ceremony, it was on the 11th of August on a Saturday. Yeah I know, it's been more than a month!

The venue of the wedding dinner was at the grand hall of Centrepoint Hotel.




I love the decorations!


This part was my favorite.





The girls who helped had these on their hands, and the boys had these flowers pinned on their suits.


Grandparents. Love love.


The arrival of guests.




Bride's parents.









Melody!! Wu Chun's brother's daughter. She was one of the flower people.



Wu Chun's sister and her family, and her dad.


When U.Desmond taught the "Flower People" to spread the petals all over the floor, they kept throwing them onto the floor then we had to pick them up hahaha so cute




Angela and Sean.


So pretty!!!!


Weirdo + another weirdo







They were walking too fast omg so fani




Look at her dresssssssss


The dress itself was 20kg crazy or not




This part was really weird as Move Like Jagger was playing hahahha




Handsome boy


Another handsome boy


The emcee that night.



Why is he so fair Idek


I had 4 bowls that night hahahahhaahah












In case you guys don't know, that's Wendy's brother haha.





Yeah I was too late..











When my uncle was shaking the bottle, this song with some "Shake shake" lyrics was playing and then the emcee was singing along to it so fani la omg




You know what..










It was my first time being on the stage during a wedding dinner but I looked super ugly and fat so I'm not gonna post it here.


U.Desmond giving a speech..


And then he talked about their life last time in Perth, how he was so mean to U.Jeffrey because U.Desmond asked U.J for money when U.J wanted U.D to drive U.J somewhere.



And then it started to get emotional so the brothers gave each other a hug hahaha


And then U.Desmond thanked the Heng Tais and Chi Muis and friends from Aussie for making everything happen.


And thanked my aunt for helping a hell lot for this wedding.


She was answering questions about how they met and stuff asked by the emcee.



Emcee and Spring. She has a really really really amazing voice I swear to God.









TSK this girl, eat also want take picture







Some of uncle's friends went up to be my grandpa's backup dancers









And again.


Vietnamese from Australia.


Because the flower was so pretty.


Mum's cousin and his wife.






Ian's Australian buddies hahahaha






HE LOOKS LIKE JACK BLACK RIGHT he's Spring's husband.


Everybody wanted to take pictures with the flower.


Was so into kissing the flower I didn't even care about my hair..


Because 1 is not enough..


How silly of me to think that the flower would transform into someone lololol







She was so happy for her..


Damn funny one this part


They had a disco session but nobody danced.



So more karaoke!


Was so tired so I went down to Coffee Bean but it was already closed ugh.

YEP THAT CONCLUDES EVERYTHING! No more folders of pictures to be uploaded heh heh

Anyways, I'm happy that Ian gave me back my iPod touch.

Stay tuned x

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