Wednesday, July 25, 2012

The Land Down Under

Hey guys ~~~~!!! I'm back again! That's because I want to get rid of every picture before I leave for Perth. DAZ RAIT BITCHEZ I'm going to Perth! On thursday. It's 2.34am right now so that means I'm leaving tomorrow.

Anyways, Wendy's cousin from Melbourne, Lara, visited Brunei a few weeks ago. That kid hated me because I kept asking her 'Lara, do you like me?' in a terrible English accent and once she replied 'Stop it! You're making me angry!' Ahh so adorable, she calls me Pumba though.........


We brought her to Tasek. 


It was her first time.


Ian was the only boy.


I asked whether she prefers Brunei or Melbourne, surprisingly her answer was Brunei.



On Friday night, Emily and I slept over at Wendy's house. We kept eating non-stop and I don't dare to check my weight now. Wendy's mum made the cake above, it's called 'Chocolate Indulgence'. It was sooo goooddd!


He didn't do that on purpose hahaha


Sunday morning, Emily and Sharon slept over.

We decided to turn the fishpond into a jacuzzi without the massage thingy so we could soak ourselves during the BBQ on Sunday night. But we just put our feet in it because we thought it was too disgusting.




Don't look at my pao face pls!!!


Went to my cousin's house for his 8th birthday on Saturday night. This is his brother. YES, BROTHER. SO CUTE RIGHT!!!!


He's so attached to his mum, after carrying him for 3 seconds(because I lied to him that we're gonna look for his dad), he reached out his arms to his mum.


He's so adorable he laughed when I tickled and played pick-a-boo with him!


Wendy temporarily dip-dyed my hair with oil pastels(or something else) a few weeks ago. I really liked how it turned out so..


I decided to do it permanently! Keep reading for the outcome :)


Went out with baby just now! Padini Authentics pieces all over me!


Had dinner at Hot Point.

We watched The Dark Knight Rises before dinner which was at 5.30 and it ended at about 8.10, I felt so bad because he was sooooo hungry after coming out of the cinema T.T


Coincidentally, he wore the shirt I got him! So Padini Authentics all over us!


We took a lot of pictures because we kept complaining we didn't look nice.......


I complained about this.


He complained about this.


He complained about this.


He complained about this.



He had laksa in his mouth in most of the pictures hahaha


He complained about this.


We thought we looked okay..


So instagram it is!


Oh, my hair! It was actually blue, I have no idea why it turned out green-ish but I'm totally fine with it! In fact, I love it :D


Because one picture is not enough.


Baby went to Indonesia and Hong Kong for some badminton tournament.When he was at Hong Kong, I asked him to get me these! I wanted only 1 but he got me 2! Thank you thank you :*:*:*


Yayayayayayayayayy v^^v

I won't blog until I come back from Perth but you guys can still see what I'm up to by following my twitter @reginaalim and instagram @reginaalim.

And to 'yourfan' on my chatbox: Yes, I will but I don't have time right now. So I'll probably do the tutorial after I come back from Perth, if you don't mind waiting(which you have to not mind, lolol) ^^


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