Wednesday, July 11, 2012


Hello! How long had I not been posting pictures from Instagram? (If you are a reader of my blog, then you'd know that I post my IG pictures on my blog.) 


This was after a great dinner with Yu Jun, Sheena, Junior, Jeremy and Lester at Excapade in Time Square. We got Each A Cup and Mochi after that, I was a happy girl. ^^


So you see, I lost my metal plate during a performance in 2010 so I had to use the styrofoam as a substitute. It has been working really well for me, few dollars saved!


My ootd on a Sunday. It was a good Sunday because..


Dad got us this!


AND THIS!!!!!!


Cupcake baked by Wendy. I swear that girl always feeds me with whatever she has in her fridge. 


Nail polish I got from Chiew Yun and Peggy during my birthday. Loving the color so much!



During Jackie's birthday dinner at Shabu-Shabu.


Zanna got me both glasses!! 


Jackie got me this last year but it broke :(


I remember when a group of friends and I used to go to Mochi after school as long as we had a time gap before English catch-up and Mural Painting. Those were the best! I think the Mochi workers recognize me because they kept looking at me when I walked passed them with my family.


Kai Li is so pretty.


He is the prettiest boy I've ever seen. ^^


Oh oh!! I made this I made this!! I made this for baby too I'm so proud of myself!!


You probably wonder why you haven't seen this picture before.. Because I posted it with baby's account. He said I could use it if I want and I got bored soooooooo..


I had to wear jeans because my leg was so ugly T.T


And Wendy dip dyed my hair temporarily with oil pastel. YES OIL PASTEL I don't know what was wrong with her she said 'Everybody knows this, Wei' then I was like 'Oh, okay.' I really like the color so I think I'm gonna dye it permanently. Baby thinks it looks 'okay okay' but I don't care muahaha

YAY now I have less pictures to post! x

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