Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Modesto & Jackie's Birthday

Mid-term break just ended and I'm back to dying again. I've got so much work to do but so little time!! Cannot wait for IB to end, 1 more year Regina 1 more year! But ending IB means starting university which also means I'm going to drown in a bowl of stress wtf

Ok guys, I have pictures from Modesto and Jackie's Birthday! But first, I'd like to show you a picture of this pretty pretty flower of mine!!



Why is this flower so pretty I feel like a tree beside her GEDDIT GEDDIT A TREE? Because a tress is ugly compared to a flower. But I think the nature is beautiful so don't get me wrong!


So I had dinner with the fam at Modesto. It is my uncle's restaurant surprisingly, Shabulicious too. He owns the whole building lololol. To be honest, the food wasn't that good. But I know they will improve ^^


This was good tho


This too!!!!









This was mine. The lamb/beef(I forgot) was quite okay but the mashed potato oh God never order their mashed potato(for now).


This is nice!!


So overall, that dinner was just okay okay. I wasn't happy with it but I thought that as long as I had food in my stomach, then it's good :)

Moving on to Jackie's birthday! We had a surprise for him on the 2nd of June(His birthday is on the 4th), which is on a Saturday night, at Qlap Mall and Shabu-shabu! Big thanks to his family for helping us with the surprise!


I was the one escorting him throughout the "hunt", and this was his first clue.


He thought it was Guardian.


But it was Giant instead!


Second clue!




It was the toilet near the cinema and this was the 3rd clue!



Oh hey



You buy condoms from Guardian right?! LOL 4th clue.






We waited quite long because our booking was at 7.30.


This little girl kept pointing at me!! She was wearing a Hello Kitty shirt and I think she knew I like Hello Kitty too.













This girl so kepo but so cute one hahaha




See, a tree




Before I go on, I'd like to complain about Shabu-shabu. Ok I must be honest, this is so embarrassing but it was my first time at Shabu-shabu! Ok laugh all you want. But I will never never never never never go there again! Because the waiters/waitresses were so shitty and their service sucks balls. I am serioussssssss. When the waiter was taking our order, we took quite a long time to decide because there were 10 of us, and he was giving us the very kiampa face. Omg stupidddddd :(


Anywaysss, walked back to Qlap Mall because we wanted to go the stall that sold accessories.
















Oh God why are my friends so pretty I don't get it I feel like a moth beside this butterfly



These are what Zanna got me from Bangkok! Ah love love love!


And what I got myself from the stall! $10 for both! I was literally crying because I bought this double "Love" ring from Divas in Singapore and it costed more than $15..


Grandparents got back from China on Sunday and they told me they got me an outfit. So I thought they got me some Barbie doll shirt or something but I was so surprised that they got me this!! And my grandpa chose it lololol I can bring him shopping next time


Yes, I'm a Faceshop fan. I don't think I'd ever buy other brands. Brand loyalty guys, brand loyalty.


What Wendy's mum got me from Bali HEHE


Parents got me this from Singapore!!! What is this, you ask? 




3 for RM12.

I'm gonna stop here because I'm doing my Malay work now lol byez

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