Saturday, June 30, 2012

KK Trip

HELLOOO! I finally have something to blog about! As most of you guys know, I went on a school trip to KK on Monday and came back on Thursday. Friday was the last day of school and I'm having my summer holidays now YAYAY!

The pictures I'm going to show are of faces, not places hahahahahahahha 



My luggage and my backpack :D


The whole group minus Kai Li



Sheena took this picture for Fairie, he was sad because it was blurry awwww :3






Reached KK Airport, got on a bus, 1 hour ride to Asia Ability. And these are the many faces of Kai Li and Yee Heng.



















Went on the Flying Fox after tea and then had dinner and stuff. The Flying Fox was so awesome I swear but I was really scared at first and kept asking the crew questions. My feet went wobbly and I couldn't walk properly after that :(





Everyone showered before dinner except for me and Sheena because there was a lot of people and I hate waiting and vice versa.


Yeh I'm so smelly =(^oo^)=



We had to do this community project and it was the most boring thing to do during the whole trip lol.


This is Hyuk Soo(My first Korean friend, so sakai hahaha), Kai Li took this.



Came back from doing the community project and we just rested at a rock nearby "our pondok". The white kid in the picture is Ms J's son, soooo cute!!





After showering heh heh


I didn't use a hair dryer for 3 nights yay for me






Yes the place is that dark, it reminded me of Mr Leong because his always had his lights off in his house hahahha.



We went White Water Rafting on the third day and it was so fun!!!!


It was my favorite activity(Aside from shopping) during the trip! 


After rafting, we went biking. I was such a loser because I was the first to quit!! It was really tiring ok!!!! Ayuni fell so she went into the van with me, then Adrian went it also because he said he "wasn't fit" lol that boy.


So many guys got free massage from Sheena and yes she's that good haha! Dinner that night was super too :3



Early in the morning already want to take picture with me :P


Cynthia brought hair straightener so the girls could straighten their hair. The guys wanted to do it as well. I straightened Kai's and accidentally burnt his ears omg D:



We r da asianz \/ 

Oh right, all of the students that went on the trip were asians, except for one girl lah. She's half white half Indonesian(According to someone, I forgot who) :)










Look at Yu Jun's sun burnt knees HAHAHA SO CUTE LAH


Before leaving the camp :'(

And Kai kept pulling my hair in this picture!!!!!!!!<>:(((((


In the bus, on our way to the city!






Sitting down scratching my legs yep



Shopped at this Warisan place and went to Suria Sabah in the afternoon. I was so amazed that I could even shop for my family when I only had one day o.o


Jack and Kai kept poking my waist when we were taking this picture ugh!!!! 


2nd time at Starbucks for the day! Got home at 10+ I think.


My mum's so cute omg. She missed the 'you' in the second picture.


The bites and blue-black marks I got from the trip! Damn those sand flies and the high bicycle that made me fall ==

So where did we sleep? We freaking slept on bamboo hammocks, outdoors with mosquito nets over them. It was so uncomfortable that I woke up more than 5 times on the first night because there were lots of mosquitoes, car sounds, dogs barking, people walking, the wind and the freaking rooster doing the rooster sound at 3am! Thank God that the second and third night was better. But it was really cold, so it was actually better than I expected lah LOL

Sheena, Yu Jun, Cynthia, Ummu, a few others and I woke up at 5am every morning because we were scared that there would be lots of people if we woke up later. There wasn't hot water in the morning nor night, but I still showered anyway.

BUT! Despite all that, I have to say that this was definitely a memorable and amazing trip! And the most exciting part was that I went with my friends HEHEHEH 

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