Sunday, May 27, 2012


Hey bitchez. It's been sooooo long! I'm having my mid-term break now. Oh thank God for mid-term breaks because I'm dying already. 

Anyway, let's see what I have here!


OOOHHHHHH the Asiaaannnnnnn the Yao Minggggg. Yu Jun and I drew this during our Memes lesson with Mr Bracken. So ugly right HHAHAH


Greetings from the IB room! Yez bitchez, we have a room just for IB students 





















All these were taken during Mural Painting and we just let the Year 7 kids do all the work LOLOLOL


This is the vain vain Kai Li. I hate him because he always beats me in Scramble With Friends! :(




And this is Justin!


Rosy and Junior.


Rosy and Lyndon.


Rosy and Sheena and Lyndon.



Taken during the Year 4 sleepover! Look at Rosy LOL. A few Year 12 students went to help, the kids were so hyper during their disco omg party freaks








So cute ah :3









Taken during Mural Painting again. Sheena, Cynthia and I walked to Mochi before that. So damn fucking hot


Kai sent me this picture I don't know where this picture was taken but I looked so cutez


Chinese Calligraphy hehehe



Have I ever mentioned that I go to SOAS every Saturday morning from 10.30am to 12.30am for their reading activity? I don't think so. So this little boy up here is Hakeem, Ummu's student OMG HE IS THE CUTEST  LITTLE BOY IN SOAS HE IS A PRANKSTER AND HE'S ONLY IN YEAR 7 I WANT TO EAT HIM NOW



Anywayssss, yesterday was our last day. I feel so sad because I really like my students!!! 

Like Hilmi, he was my first student, Year 8 but he's 15. He's a really nice boy, so smiley and polite.  But then he stopped coming like, few weeks ago so I didn't get to get his Facebook.

And then there's Haris, he was actually Sheena's student but then she had too many students. Haris is one of my favorites because he's really cute. I remember asking him if he knew what the meaning of 'sweet' is. Then I asked 'Do you have a girlfriend?' then he was so smiley and shy and he nodded. Then I was being so kepo and shit so I asked 'Are you sweet to her? Is she sweet to you?', then he nodded again being all smiley and stuff awww cuteness overload!!

And then there is Amin! OMG the Pengiran's son. He's really talkative but he only talks in Malay. I asked whether he watches HBO or not then he said 'Tidak, saya tidak suka wayang yang sexy.' Hahahah so cute

Wafee! He's nice, but really quiet so I don't talk much to him. I asked for his Facebook but he didn't want to give me hahaha so hurt

And then Afiq!! OMG Afiq is the cutest of all. One of my favorites! He's such a nice and polite and cute little boy!! He improved a lot and he will get an A in his oral for sure!! I have the confidence HEHE

Since it was our last week there, Sheena and I decided to give our students candies and chocolates! I gave to a few others and Hakeem because Ummu wasn't there so I took him, and he was like 'Eh? Apane? Gula-gula?' OMG LAH I WANTED TO PINCH HIM SO BADLY


Guys I know you didn't read what I typed LOL. So this is the certificate for doing this activity!


26 hours not 20!!


I received a letter from Afiq too!!!!!! AHHHH WHY ARE MY STUDENTS SO CUTE


So touched can T.T

Have you guys(When I say guys, I mean girls) been to SOAS? It was a scary experience, like seriously scary. Every Saturday, we'd have to walk pass the Year 11 classes and then we'd hear whistles and screaming and shouting and table banging and door banging and window banging. I don't know man I think they've never seen females before. 

But despite that, it was a pleasant experience teaching the younger kids! Ah a kid(Idk whose student) told Amin to ask for my phone number and I was like 'I don't have a phone' and he asked for my Facebook instead, I had to tell him because I asked for Amin's earlier on T.T I bet he was thinking 'What the hell bitch it's the 21st century even my cat's got a phone' ahhaha


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