Friday, April 20, 2012

Short Update

Hi guysssss. I've been so busy with school nowadays. I have my EE to stress about, I have to complete the first draft for my personal statement by this term and my Business IA Research Proposal has to be done by May. What is life.

Anyway, I've decided to blog about the pictures that I'm left with to update this thing a little. So here goes!


Complete collection of Hello Kitty watches from McDonald's! 


This was during CNY, I love how Uncle Sylvester(Dad's friend) calls me my dad's princess :P


Went to check on Wendy's iPad what my past life was about HAHAHA


Went to Wu Chun's house for uncle's daughter's birthday party. I looked ridiculous because Ian doesn't know how to count before taking a picture ._.


Zhen Shen, Ian and I 




I even vained with him hahahahahahaha 

I asked "Can we take vain vain pic?"
Then the other adults were like "Can meh how??"
Then he was like "Teenage girls are best in this ah!"

But the picture was so blurrrrr


Wendy sent me this pic of Cody kind-of-carrying me HAHA


So one day while I was doing something in my room I can't remember what, there was a knock on my door. I saw a piece of paper on the floor. Obviously from IAN.


In the letter. There was even a map SO CUTE LAH MY BROTHER


He was talking about this hahaha


And on a Friday we went to the mall, my mum was trying on shoes then Ian wore her shoe ._.


I asked him to bring me this but he tried it on ._.


What I drew in math tuition because I was so bored.


Pei Wen!!!!! On our KK trip ~



She's so cute right!!!!!!




She loves Hello Kitty too ^^


Went out with baby on a Saturday. Had lunch and dinner at Pines Restaurant 'cause we cool like that


We were actually trying to take a picture on IG but he kept saying "Not nice!!!!!!!" 


But I think I was the one who didn't like this hahaha


Hi boy you make me so happy


Y U SO KIUT!!!!!!!


Had tea at Cheezbox





So from here I kept clicking the capture button and I don't think he knew at that time.




But he knew eventually





So there was a GIF of me doing my hair and him saying "What is that what is that!" but I couldn't upload it because I don't know how ._. I'm such a loser!!!!

Enjoy the weekend everyone!! xx

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