Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Senja Lounge

Hello! I've just finished my mocks today and I feel as free as a bird! I'm not going to school on Thursday and Friday which means I have the rest of the week off because there are still exams going on HEHEHE.

So this post will be about my dinner on Friday night at Senja Lounge in Riverview Hotel with my dearest family! We had our dinner at around 8.45pm because my mum wanted to get her exercise and I got my hair dyed in the evening(Satisfied!!!!) by my grandma. Yeh bitchez my grandma dyes my hair 


Outfit for the night. Believe it or not, the headband I wore is almost the same age as me LOOOOOOL. 




The place was really dark, like seriously dark. Very good place for a romantic dinner. The owner sure knows how to save electricity.


Dad brought his wine. It was some cheap wine because he was worried that the workers might take a sip hahaha.




Chicken liver. It was goooooooood~~~



I forgot the name of it but they're just snails.







Ian wanted to taste wine so bad so he did and his reaction was so cute hahaha





It was around 10pm when we finished dinner. We headed to Yong Shong Hai(The disc shop near TT Blues or something) and I bought A Walk To Remember.

Overall, it was a pretty good day. :)

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