Sunday, April 8, 2012


Just a short update because I have pictures of my recent purchases! Well, not recent but this year's? They're not all of them but just the items that I really like!


Nail polishes from Faceshop! I'm a member and I only spent $6 to be one, usually it costs more than $50 so I was really desperate. Oh wait, this is last year's lololol


A pencil case I got from Supa Save. I thought it was really cute so I just got it for fun! For only $6.90!


I love Cartino Sonea, this costs only $26.90!


Got this in the mall for $16. It was actually 2 for $35 but Zanna and I kept bargaining! The feeling sibeh siuk.


Shit I didn't rotate. Anyways, I got them for $2 each.

Bride Wars : 6.5/10
The Notebook : 10/10
You Again : 6.5/10

I bought White Chicks because I absolutely love the movie! Oh, you beautiful chocolate man!


And I bought these from the disc shops too. They're so cute!!


I don't have any idea why I got this in the first place..........


But I like the designs.


Got this in Miri! Omg omg Rumer! I love love love Rumer! She's totally different from Katy Perry but I still love them both! RECOMMENDED! My favorites are "Slow" and "Aretha" so you guys can check them out :D


And I bought this for RM28!!!!! Cheap or what!!!!!


And this thing where you can coil your earpiece around it hahaha. 

This is a pointless post. You've just wasted 5 minutes of your life.

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