Saturday, April 14, 2012


It's been a long time since I lasted posted pictures from IG, eh? Gonna bomb you guys with pictures now(Mostly my face LOLOLOL).


Taken somewhere around December last year before an outing with Zanna and Yun!


Hello Kitty perfume from Zanna!


Taken with Wendy's polaroid. ♥


1st of January 2012.


Posted on the 10th of January because it was his birthday :3




Taken on the 21st of January ♥


First day of CNY.


First day of CNY.


I love my nails ♥.♥


Sharon, Emily, Wendy, Moi ♥


The only picture I have from I deleted my account already because everyone's using IG now LOLOLOL


My best friend :3



Fairie introduced this to me and it's gooOOOooOoooOood ~~


Aji Ichiban!!!! Dried scallop, the only type of scallop I put in my mouth.


In KK, I dunno what he was smiling at.


Went to visit CHMS with Fairie on a Monday(Which was still a holiday for me) and he was like 'Take a picture of the milo kissing!!' Crazy boy


Wore my Y10Exp class t-shirt for the first time.


What I wore to Senja Lounge.


Lunch with baby at Pines Restaurant last Saturday.


And tea with baby at Cheezbox. 


On the 6th book now!


Family outing last Sunday.


Painted my nails at grandparents' house last night.

Stay tuned x

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