Wednesday, March 28, 2012

My Birthday


The only reason I'm blogging about my birthday is because I wanted to show you the gifts I got. :P So just in case you don't know, my birthday's on the 27th of January(Overdue for 2 months, yes I know that) and I turned 16 this year. (LOL not like anyone gives a damn about it but yeah)

And everything happened in just a day! So I woke up in the morning, got greetings from people on Facebook, texts, twitter.. I was super moody that day though. Maybe because it crashed with CNY and I hate it when my birthday crashes with other events(I just don't feel special anymore ok lol).

Oh and baby called at 12am to greet me and gave me a 'speech', he knew I was feeling quite down those few days so he tried cheering me up and I haven't thanked him for that. So thank you!(If you're reading) I luv u :3

So I went to school, because it was a Friday. And I got greetings again from almost all the Year12s. It was really surprising because only a few knew that it was my birthday. And then during recess, I got 3 of the same gifts from Sheena, Cynthia and Yu Jun!


100+!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! They know I really love drinking it HEHE thanks guys :3


Sheena even wrote something on it!



But I only got 3 tins :( HAHA and I still have this tin in my fridge :P


I was a happy happy girl ^^


By Yu Jun and Lyndon!

And that concludes my day in school. In the afternoon, I went for my piano and drum lessons as usual. I went straight home after that and dad was like 'Your friend came just now, your stuff is in your room.' Of course I knew something was up, and they were smart this time because they didn't leave their shoes outside the house unlike during 2011 LOLOLOL.


Saw this card but I hadn't read it until they went home.



And they came out of the praying room with the cake while singing me the birthday song!






Had a really good talk with them too :) They went home and I had to get ready for my birthday dinner in Charcoal. So we had dinner and stuff, I was feeling quite down again because I don't know lah. Just wasn't happy.


Fruit cake!






I like my hair hahahaha





Hi Mami :3


With Aunt Sharon, Pei Wen's mum.



" I'm officially 16! "





She's gonna grow up pretty and she will have a lot of boys chasing after her, I swear. 



From baby! I called him Fiona because.. It's a long story haha. I had the whole cake to myself, seriously. I didn't wanna share because it was too good!


From baby too!


Also from baby, not sure whether he wrote it without checking or not hmmmmm ~




From Hui Ying!


From Wendy!


From Zi Wei!


From Wen Mee!


From Chiew Yun and Peggy!


From Zanna!


From Zanna!

So, I haven't properly thanked everyone for that day sooooo.. Thank you everyone, for all the greetings, the surprise party and the gifts! Although I wasn't feeling very happy on my birthday and although I don't look happy when you guys gave me the surprise, I just want to let you guys know that I was super happy and touched because I know I still have a place in your heart LOL I'M BEING SO DRAMATIC HERE but yeah seriously guys, I really appreciate what you did. I LOVE YOU GUYS TO THE MAX MWAAAAHHHHHHHXXXXXXX

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