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Hi guys! How's life? I've been really busy nowadays, which explains why I haven't got the time to blog. But since I'm a really nice person who worries about my readers[If I still have any] not being happy because they still see the same damn title when they open this page, I decided to squeeze in a little bit of blogging time into my VERY VERY BUSY schedule.

So as I've said that I'll be blogging about ISB, I'm going to blog about ISB right now! 

And of course my graduation as an opening lololol. 

So on the 26th of November 2011, I attended the graduation ceremony. Well duh, of course I did, it was my last year and I had to graduate to get into Form 6.


OOOOOOOO me receiving my certificate!



I'm just gonna cut in here a little bit. So you ask.. What is this? 



I received it when we were about to perform but I was in a hurry to change into my costume. My water bottle in my bag was suddenly leaking and I dropped my bag to the floor which caused the cap of my water bottle to come off, my whole bag became wet. MY BLOODY TESTIMONIAL WAS IN IT. 

I took everything out and I crumpled my testimonial because I thought it was just some useless paper. So there, my crumpled testimonial which I already threw into the rubbish bin months ago because I thought 'Meh, I got into a school already. No need for testimonials.'


Our year book!


My favorite show of the year.


I'd been waiting for my turn to write this little message my whole life but when the time came, my mind went blank!


Last time performing on stage :')


So the event went like this: Arrival of the graduates, graduates getting their certificates on stage, performances, graduates getting their certificates on stage again, singing to graduation theme song, handshakes with the teachers, photo taking session.

I wasn't in the mood to take pictures with people but I actually appeared in some of the photos.


One thing I'm really happy about graduating in the year 2011: I get to graduate with the loveliest classmates one can ever ask for!

I find myself looking pretty good in this picture, don't you think? HAHAHA


And this too! That's why I decided to post up 2 of them TEEHEE.


And of course graduating with my boyfriend is one thing I'd want to accomplish! And I did :D

I swear, this boy made my life so much easier just by asking the simplest questions after my last relationship ended. He was there to comfort me and advice me when I was having a hard time forgetting about my past. 

First, it was just texting and texting, he texted every day[Still does] and I found[Still do] that really sweet because who the hell texts you every morning and every night when you're not even in a relationship with him/her, right? And then we went for lunch in school, then spent recess time together. Then BAAAYYYMM, it became official after 3 months.

I don't know why I'm typing this because I feel really shy now, OOHH my cheeks are turning red lololol. But I still want to thank him for everything, for always being there when I need him! 

Lots of hearts!!


Year 10 Express 2011 with a few people missing.

I'd like to thank each and every one of you for everything. All the times we spent together are truly unforgettable. Remember guys, even if you forget me after 10 years, I will never forget you because you know, I can't erase the faces I'd been facing for the past few years. HAHA kidding I love you guys. :D


I think it was kind of my first and last picture with the principal.

Thank You, CHMS. Thank you for the loveliest 13 years of my life.



Anywayyyy, RANDOM FACT LOLOLOL I was really satisfied with the way I smiled in every picture during graduation night. I don't know why but I don't think I can smile like that anymore :(



I actually planned to enter 2nd cohort of either MD or PTEM because I'd been looking forward for my long holiday but nooooooo, change of plans. 3 months holiday became 2 days holiday.


Our IB[Year12-13] uniform. There is another design but I only bought this one. I remember when I had to go back to CHMS for graduation performance practice for my first week in ISB after school, my friends kept asking 'WOW! No uniform? So good?' Hahaha. We basically just wear this T-shirt and any bottoms and shoes we want.


Yep, IB.


It feels so good to know that nobody gives a damn about your hair color.


Or your nail color.


I guess I'm the pinkest person in school. 


Changed my school bag because the zipper broke UGH.


Had to buy a new calculator for Math and Physics.


My name tag HEHE


My library card.


This is how most of the class looks like. 


They have this thing in almost every classroom. It's an electronic whiteboard, very convenient.


I love lunch time! We have buffet everyday and lunch time is 55 minutes long.


ONE OF THE BEST THINGS ABOUT THE SCHOOL: Toilet with toilet papers.


I usually bring my laptop to school because I don't have a hardcopy of my math textbook. And it's getting uglier day by day..






I found a chewing gum under a table in Lab 4 -.-


Last day of school before CNY. Lilian's art.


Cynthia, MOI, Lilian, Sujith, Sheena!


First day of term 2.

So what subjects am I taking?
: English Language & Literature SL
: Malay Literature SL
: Physics HL
: Math HL
: Business HL
: Film SL

I find the school really interesting and they have really friendly people! But I'm struggling right now as I still have a lot of work to do, like my Business IA and my Extended Essay ugh bloody hell how did I get myself into this mess!!!!

Sheena and I kept complaining about the work given and we kept saying that we're gonna commit suicide but then one of use will always say 'It's okay it's okay, other people will suffer too after their A levels, it's better to suffer first' then everything just got better. 

Also, we need 150 hours of CAS to actually pass this IB course and the activities that I join are Dance for National Day, SOAS reading and as a BGIC helper! Can't wait for BGIC to come 'cause I want to meet my Xiao Hua!

Okay, it's 1.30am now and I have to finish my business homework. Have a jolly good day, everyone! J

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