Tuesday, January 17, 2012

China and Hong Kong Day 4 and 5

Day 4

Day 4 was pretty unproductive, the only thing we did was admiring the jades.


Ian took this.



He was angry because I didn't want to give him the camera.




The owner of the place. He's Thai.


He gave us this as souvenirs!



The place where we had our lunch!



The owner of KKM tour gave us fruits!


It was a 7-hour bus ride to Yi Chang.


So we had dinner somewhere..



And then about an hour ride to this place! 'CENTURY DIAMOND'




The first thing you see when you go into the cruise. It's not a cruise but let's just call it that way.




Owner of KKM Tour. He looks like this old Singaporean actor, the one in Just Follow Law, no?



The tour guide left us because his job was done. He was a good one.























Other tourists!


Welcoming all the tourists.




We got up quite early to look at these houses here..




Had breakfast after that..


Then off we went to the Three Gorges Dam Site! It was pretty boring lol.





I really didn't know what to look at.


But these angmos caught my eyes. They stayed at Century Diamond too.


Okay you know while the tour guide was telling us about these gorges with the map, there was this woman[From our tour] who kept saying 'Higher. People in front, kneel down.' DAMN WOMAN














Our cruise!!





So over here, we had to cross a few of this.. Tunnel.. It's like we're in Tunnel 1 first, the front doors and back doors were closed tightly as if we were in a box. Then the water would start to rise which caused the cruise to rise too. The front door would be opened, we went through it and then the same thing happened again. This cycle continued for like 5 times.



So before the water started rising, we were surrounded by walls.


Few minutes later when the ship rised, SPACCCEEEEEEEE!


Playing with the.. Idk what you call him but his pangkat was quite high.


The one holding the microphone was the captain.



The workers performing.


Inviting people to dance with them.


END! YAY I finished 2 days in 1 post! This is getting boring but just bear with me, okay? I didn't take these pictures for nothing! :P

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