Monday, January 23, 2012

China and Hong Kong Day 7 and 8

Day 7 now! It's so fast right? I'm posting as less pictures as I can so I don't bore you too much!

So the only place we went was Snowy Jade Cave, yes another cave and IT WAS SO FREAKING BORING but it's okay. Let's not waste time!


Tour guide. She's so cute with the sunflower hahaha.







Still wet, still alive.











Sometimes I thought these were some expensive shit and they made me feel like I needed to korek everything.





We had a hard time when we walked through here..









Dad and Auntie Cecelia.


I hate monkeys lololol


Some dinner with the captain.


With the waiter who served us for 4 days. He was a really nice guy, only 18 years old though. I remember that he asked me about how I thought of the place we went, then I kept 'Ha?' so he said 'Do you speak Chinese?' HAHA that was so stupid because I told him I do. I think he thought I was a freak for not understanding him.


Day 8, we went to Chong Qing, the biggest city in China. It's even bigger than Beijing+Shanghai+a few other city. So yeah, it's really really big.


Hellooooooo, we went to this park in the morning to kill time.



Had an hour of shopping but didn't buy anything 'cause everything was branded.




Had Gelato!





Mine! New York Cheese. It's not as good as I expected.






Went to the airport after that. :3

AND OFF WE FLEW! TO HONG KONG! Wasn't as great as I expected -_-

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