Sunday, January 15, 2012

China and Hong Kong Day 3

So, Day 3.. 

The tour guide brought us to Bao Feng Hu to see the lake, I think. o.o





The tour guide from this place said that when we cross this bridge, we shouldn't look back. But the lady kind of looked back, so..



I looked so pufffffyyyyy


I dunno what he was doing HAHA


Practically EVERYWHERE was selling the same goods so there wasn't anything to shop for.


Boat ride!



Another tour guide for the boat ride.



These 'Ah Meis' and 'Ah Ges' would sing whenever a boat passes by.




'Ah Ge.'


Whenever other boats passed by us, everyone on our boat would shout 'YOOOOOWEIIIIII!' and they'd shout the same thing back to us. I think it's how the people there greet each other.


We were about to reach another 'Ah Mei' and our tour leader was asked to go up to the front. The tour guide told us that if we could reply the 'Ah Meis' there by singing['Ah Meis' were singing too], we could bring them home.


So he sang.


To her.


And sang.


Look how happy she was!




Got off the boat because we had to return back to the bus. So high up! This was taken a few floors below the lake, so the lake is actually above this. It just makes no sense right?


'Wawa' fish. It has hands!





Came here because they're known for their medicine I guess. But us kids were in another room because we had nothing to do.





Frog! It was goooooooood ~


The ladies couldn't stand not having coffee, they even brought a few packs from Brunei.


Got on a small train which took us to Shi Li Hua Lang to look at more mountains.








'San Jie Mei' which means three sisters in chinese.








Wo lai dao le Zhang Jia Jie! :D




Saw a puppy and it was trying to catch a bird!


Signaled him to come to us.


We thought this puppy was hungry so we gave him some oreo.



Walked away from it and it came searching for us :')


And this monkey was so mean! It snatched that pack of food it's holding in this picture from a lady!


Seeeee! But this guy was playing with it..






You can see this everywhere. Mad disgusting!


After that, we came to Te Shu Gang Tui Guang Zhong Xin to look at knives..





She said that it wouldn't break even if we step on it.



You can't do this with normal knives.




She chopped this piece of metal but there wasn't any mark on the knife!



She just sliced off the piece of paper like that!


Everyone had this as a little souvenir! The lady up there was angry because not many of us bought the knives, plus, our tour guide asked us to get out of the room quickly because there wasn't much time. When everyone went into the bus, he had a bag of little knives like the one up there and gave them all to us!


Went back to the hotel to get ready for dinner.


I didn't take a picture of the dinner 'cause I was too hungry hahahaha. So after dinner, we went to the night market.






Day 3 was pretty boring but it's okay heheheh BAH I GO SLEEP NAAAAOOO! Will blog about maybe day 4 and 5 if I've got time. Ciao x

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