Friday, January 13, 2012

China and Hong Kong Day 2

Hi guys! I'm back again. I'm too lazy to type anything unrelated to this blog post so let's just get to the point, shall we?

So second day in China.. We went to Long Wang Dong in the morning to look at.. Caves o.o




It was really cold in the morning, I swear!




These are rocks, I think they were water before they became hard.



Rocks which were still wet. If they're wet, they're still alive which means they can still expand/grow.





Those were lights, not the colors of the rocks. At first I thought 'This is so cool, colorful rocks!' but naaahhh.


The 'Long' in Long Wang Dong.







Dragon shit.


The only plant in the cave!




I think this was the princess or somethin lul.


Mushroom, thought of Derby immediately!



This reminded me of Brunei! You know the hands on the logo of Brunei's flag?


So that's practically everything in Long Wang Dong because everything looked the same. You know, you see rocks everywhere. It was kind of boring. Almost everyone took off their jackets when we were walking halfway because it was so freaking hot inside. 

I was so slow my dad had to walk behind me hahaha. He also sang Don't Wanna Go Home by Jason Derulo when we were in the cave. Oh daaaaad ~

So after that, we went to this place.


Cha Bo Shi. Reminded me of Zanna because she's a tea-holic!


She was preparing all the types of tea they had for us.


Introducing the tea. We didn't buy anything there because we still have so much tea at home! But all the 'Ah Meis' kept asking us to buy and it was really annoying.


Headed to lunch after that!


You see that rectangular shaped vegetables? OH MY GOD I MISS EATING THAT.


After lunch, we went to Yuan Jia Jie to look at Tian Zi Shan. Our tour bus dropped us here, then another bus drove us to the place where we were supposed to go. It was a 20-minute drive.




This is the world's longest/highest/tallest elevator!


We had to take another elevator first. There were two buttons, '1' and '2' but each floor was 32 stories high if I'm not mistaken.



KKM Tour!


The mountains are so pretty, right?! I bet Jackie or HY will say 'Since when Regina thinks that the nature's pretty..' :P


GAAHHH like pao I know..



In the world's longest/highest/tallest elevator.








Does this place look familiar to you? Yes? It didn't to me but this was where Avatar was filmed.



I felt like Hunchback of Notre Dame.


We were so high up that my legs went numb.





Everything looked practically the same.






Name cards.


I forgot what they call this but it gives you luck.


Oh God when we wanted to take a photo with this natural bridge, there was this group of China men smoking and they didn't even queue! Stupid brainless bastards!






I have no idea what this place is 'cause I can't read.






Hi everyone.



3/4 of the Bruneians!



I like this picture!

I was too tired to walk so my dad held my hand and pull me when we were walking up the stairs.


Another Bruneian. He's from JIS.





Went to Mei Li Xiang Xi to watch another show after dinner. I like this one but I forgot what it was about. 


Thank God it was indoors.



Seats were comfortable too!


After the show, they showed us their talent. We had to go out and I was freezing again.


So cute.


Gah aren't you cold?


Some guy walked on this really sharp gigantic knife with his bare feet.


One man with 8 other people on him.

So that concludes Day 2! Stay tuned for Day 3! :D

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