Wednesday, January 25, 2012

China and Hong Kong Day 10

It's the 10th day already! The last post for my trip YAY MEEEE! We went shopping on the 9th day and 11th day but we didn't really buy anything because there were a lot of people and you know you can't shop much with people everywhere, right? So yeah, we went to Disneyland on the 10th day. It was my 2nd time to Hong Kong Disneyland though. 



It's in a Mickey's head shape!


And the MTR[They call it MTR] to Disneyland was filled with Mickey stuff!







I still remember this. This hasn't changed since the last time I came.





Sat on a train to have a tour around Disneyland.





People queuing up to take pictures with Mickey and Minnie.



For all my life, I thought this was Cinderella's castle. But it isn't! It's Sleeping Beauty's[My favorite princess]!


First, we went to Fantasyland. This was The Golden Mickeys.

Came here first to watch a show. 





I like the emcee!





Toy Story.


Hunchback of Notre Dame.




This was suppose to be Mulan but I didn't know which one she was.


Lilo and Stitch.


Little Mermaid.


Sebastian! Sorry some pictures are blur, they kept moving around.


Beauty and the Beast.


Beast.. Then..





It's A Small World.

I REMEMBER THIS PLACE! We didn't go in because it was the most boring ride, ever!


The Many Adventures of Winnie The Pooh.

We wanted to come in here. But when it was almost our turn, some worker said that the ride broke down like WTF RIGHT we queued for a really long time!


Mickey's PhilharMagic.

Watched another show instead. 


I've watched it before already though.


Dumbo The Flying Elephant

Didn't get to ride this because my brothers didn't want to accompany me :(


We went to Tomorrowland after that.


Had lunch at Starliner Diner.






Buzz Lightyear Astro Blasters.

Whenever we go to Disneyland, this ride is a must! 


He came out while we were queuing!!


Nah Jackie, you want to curl your hair like that? HEHEHE


S for Sean lol




Ian was the one playing the whole time, I was just sitting beside him taking pictures.


So many patternnnnn


Look at our score difference.


Space Mountain.

This was my first time! I was screaming and closing my eyes the whole time so I don't really know what there was inside hahaha. I remember Wendy said that she played this for 6 times straight in 2006[I remember 'cause I went there in 2006 too lol] GALLIIIII


Stitch Encounter.


This was really cool! You can actually talk to Stitch[If he wants to talk to you]. 

So there was this conversation of Stitch and a random audience.
'Hey you! The 2nd girl on my left side on the 3rd row[Or something I kind of made this up lol] with the white jacket! Do you have a boyfriend?'
'No, I don't have a boyfriend.'
'Yes, you do! You have a boyfriend!'
'Noooo I don't have a boyfriend *laughing*'
'Yes yes you have a boyfriend! You're so pretty! I know you have one!'
'No I really don't have a boyfriend *laughing*'
'YES I know your boyfriend. I'm your boyfriend! *laughing, hides somewhere* Oh, I'm so shy now..'

HAHAHA he was really cute! There were 3 versions, Chinese, English and Cantonese. I went in the Chinese and English one. He was kind of sarcastic in the Chinese though but still cute! 





I look so short right! It seems like I'm the younger sister hahaha.


Tomorrow Land.



Slinky Dog Spin.


RC Racer.

I didn't go on this ride 'cause I was scaredddd







Tarzan's Treehouse.

Didn't go up to the treehouse either but I've been there once already though.


Jungle River Cruise.

This ride was boring. We went for the English one and I swear I didn't understand a word! Pictures below are practically what we saw during the ride.









Fake snow!



My hair's red HEHEHHEHE


My dad's such a bad photographer! :( KIDDDDINNNGGG






You know..




You see fireworks..




Listen to..


You know.. Disney's music..


This combination..


AMAAAAAZINNNGGGGGGG. I'd like to go there again even though I prefer Universal Studios[Osaka's, 'cause they have Hello Kitty :D]!


THAT'S THE END OF MY TRIP! Look what I've purchased, not really happy with the amount of stuff I got because we only had 2 days of shopping. Not enough not enough!

Red sling bag[Really cheap!], laptop sleeve from Accessorize[FML this was so fucking expensive but when I tried it on my laptop, it couldn't fit in it!], 2 story books, polaroid camera, BOSE earpiece[Wanted to get Beats but changed my mind], 2 iPhone casings, The Pretty Reckless Light Me Up album, pen from Disneyland and a Hello Kitty pencil case.


These are what Wendy got me. She went to Hong Kong too! Both of us went there in 2006 and 2011 but just different dates! Hello Kitty calendar, iPhone sucker stand, iPhone home button stickers, iPhone cover and an Esprit bag + travel bag.


And souvenirs from my bitches! This is from MS. LOVE LOVE LOVE.


Hello Kitty card holder from MS, ring from WM, iPhone casing from Jackie[LOVE LOVE LOVE], heart shaped earrings from Peggy and Katy Perry MTV Unplugged album from Zanna[LOVE LOVE LOVE].

YEP that's the end aren't you guys happy?? HEHEHE. I'm thinking about what to blog next, so stay tuned! :D 

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