Thursday, October 27, 2011

How long was I away? :D

So what do you guys think about my new template? I like it 'cause it's pink! I'm having my O's now and I've never been so busy in my life but I feel a little relaxed already because the more complicated subjects are already over. 9 more papers to go and I'm free!

Oh I didn't mention about ISB, did I? Yeah, I didn't. So I'll be taking IB at ISB next year, I know it's so hard and it'll give me a lot of pressure but it's alright. I've died before so I guess it's okay to die again. So since I'm going to ISB, I will start school at the 21st of November I KNOW RIGHT WHAT THE ACTUAL FUCK.

Then holidays will only start on 9th of December oh joy. Anyway, this is what I chose so I'll just have to live with it.





This was at Country Patch, few weeks ago I guess? Maybe 2 or 3. I went there today too, had Mango Shortcake and Earl Grey Tea. It was heaven. I love having high teas with my parents at Country Patch because whenever I'm there, I feel relax.


Yep, Darussalam Hall 8)


Old old inkless pen. Been with me since 2006. Just a random photo, I was really really really bored.


Do you know how it feels to know that you won't be looking at this book again?



THIS IS A LIFE SAVER. My room has been growing ants for the past few days that I don't even know why. UGH I was so pissed! It's like, I killed 10 ants then I'd go to the toilet and wash my hands, after that I'd go back into my room and 10 MORE MOTHER FUCKING ANTS APPEAR AGAIN. Like what the hell is wrong with you?


This is goOoOoOooOOooooOOOOd!


Good luck cupcakes from my BM tuition teacher. I don't know how but these cupcakes worked. I didn't really have a hard time doing the paper.




This is my face. Say hello.


LOOK AT THE SKY! No filter!

I'm gonna like go now. This is just some random post, just want to keep this blog alive. x

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