Sunday, September 25, 2011

Lovely Sunday, eh? I spent my Sunday with the family! Dad went out earlier for some golf tournament lucky draw thingy, he said the prize he got was useless lol. We had lunch at Gripps and went to watch Abduction at 3.40pm. Abduction was good, but the ending wasn't as good as the beginning.. I give a 7/10.

I'm addicted to Instagram already. I'm addicted to it like how I'm addicted to Twitter. Ahhhhhhh I had a life once before I joined these social networks you know..



Shape Collage + Instagram



ActionCam + Instagram





Pixlr-o-matic + Instagram



Ehehehehehehe :P



Pixlr-o-matic + Instagram





I got bored so I did a before and after.


My 3-4 years old file from Wendy.



O Level is in 16 days! No, I'm not ready.

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