Monday, August 29, 2011


I wanted to blog for the last two nights but the internet sucked a lot. Fortunately, it was working well just now!

Did I mention that I went to Yip Chong's and 3 other pianists' concert before First Trial? No? I don't think so. Okay, so I went to their concert a few weeks ago and I had fun!


Claire. She's only 8 years old but WWWHHOOOAAAAA!


OUR ' man ' of the day.


I forgot her name. But she was awesome!



Samuel Cho. Born in the year 1996 but he was so bloody tall. Year 10 Express somemore! WUT



After the concert, we went to Au Lait for dinner! One of my favorite places to dine in. :3






Loong, Wan Pei, Rufina, Zanna.


Yun, Isa, YC, Gerret.


Group photo after the concert, before the dinner!


Another shot! I had a great day. HEHE.


My family went to KL, WITHOUT ME because I was having First Trial. -_-

But it's okay, at least they got me something!


PARIS HILTON BAG. Holy. It's so pretty!


An adjustable ribbon ring!


HELLO KITTY SILLY BANDS! It was Sean's idea, I have such a thoughtful brother.

Okay so it was Wan Pei's birthday on the 16th of August. Since she was our monitress for already 2 years, and she is the best monitress ever, the whole class decided to do something for her.



Okay this picture was suppose to be at the bottom but never mind.


Everyone wore black!



We had to sacrifice ourselves, the weather was so freaking hot and we were like giving free show, so many audiences. But it was all worth it. :)


Group photo!


She had a birthday party at night and this was what Zanna, MS and I got her!


I looked weird I know.



My girls. What would I do without them? :')


With the birthday girl[That day]!


Known them since 986465 years ago. :*




Blur. Lousy photographer! Hahaha :P










First picture with Haziq!





With the birthday girl[That day]!



Might update again tonight ;)

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