Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Hello hello!

So, I bet everyone's happy because of the holidays. Well, I'm not. All the graduating classes aren't. :(

I can't wait for O Levels to end. We planned on going to SG on December but it would be too crowded, so we delayed the trip until next year. I just hope we don't cancel the plan, yeah?


Jackie's on top and mine at the bottom. HAHAHA. Sorry to disgust you.


Best friends since 2005!










Alex Gaga!


FOL! Waited SO BLOODY LONG for the Jollibee man to arrive! We were lucky it was a relief period.



There's a story behind this picture.

So one day in tuition, Yun and I were like damn hungry so we decided to go downstairs. She had 50 cents and I had only 10 cents. We knew it was enough to buy 2 ice creams 'cause we've bought 20 cents ice cream before.

We went into the shop, searching for the 20 cents ice cream, but all we could see was ice creams costing more than 50 cents. We didn't have enough money so we bought the keropok. After we paid, FOL AGAIN WE SAW 30 CENTS ICE CREAM BESIDE THE COUNTER. FOL FOL FOL.

Damn pissed. So yeah, end of story.












Too lazy to talk about anything, nothing's popping out of my mind right now. Maybe next time ;)

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