Thursday, June 16, 2011

What's uuuuuuuuppppppp? I went to Miri this morning for my dental appointment and I waited for 1 and a half hour until it's my turn. WTF that lady asked me to come before 9.45am. ==

So the dentist told me that he was going to put ' buttons ' onto my teeth, I thought it'd hurt since he was like ' Don't move your tongue okay, it's very critical. ' But it didn't hehe, I had my fingers crossed the whole time!

Now, I can't eat properly. The only teeth in my mouth that can come in contacts are my molars because he ' glued ' something onto it, 1 set on each side. WTF is this. I can't chew and it feels weird. My tongue hurts because of the ' buttons '. What the fuckery is this I can't wait to get them off :(


Wendy's Beats. Her dad got it from Macau. If Katy Perry has her own, I WILL GET THEM.


They were so cute together! They were singing ' Little Dimples ' by JJ Lin. Omg the girl damn pretty and I think the boy is mixed.


CHEESIE ACCEPTED ME ON FACEBOOK., and she replied my tweet! Mwehehehe ^^


Oh and I watched Green Lantern with my uncle in Qlap Mall just now. I give it a 6.5/10. The story line was boring, nothing special about it. I thought the ' enemy ' would come back to life but it didn't.

But the actor was hot though! :3






Ooh la la. I know ;)

So my holidays have been pretty much the same as any others', but at least I get to watch all the movies I wanted to! Hehehe oh and I've been listening to old songs! I don't know why, maybe because the lyrics are more meaningful? Yeeeaaahhhh, oh oh! Or maybe because the songs are always played in my dad's car.

Okay, I don't think I have anything to say anymore. I have piano and drum lesson tomorrow. Meh. Okay, good night guys!

Much love xx.

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