Friday, June 10, 2011


So I changed my mind about not numbering the pictures. I'm gonna blog about Jackie's And Towzy's birthday celebration!





Me loike ;)


Pictures from now on were taken by Jackie's Macbook.


A very big thank you to Kathy[Jackie's sister] for helping!






11 people went.


I love this picture but my 1/4 of my face was blocked! :(



We gave Jackie a surprise on the 4th of June. We knew the surprise wouldn't work if we did it in school, so we went to his house at night instead! And it worked! He cried and everyone gave him a hug. He told us about his day, how he kept expecting and getting disappointed at the end instead. Sze Loong was the only guy who went because all the others couldn't make it, but we had a lot of fun! RIGHT LOONG? ^^


So on the 6th of June, Tofu had a birthday party at his place! His house was huge, like seriously, because it's like 2-in-1. Look at the picture, he is younger than me by 5 months but I dunno why he suddenly became so tall! Oliver spoiler! :(


The girls :3



Everyone! I think. Tofu's the youngest in our class.


Tofu's present shared by HY, Zanna, Peggy and I! My brother chose the pencil case 'cause I didn't know what kind of pencil case boys like. I hope he likes it though.


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