Saturday, May 28, 2011

Hey people! It's been a month. I know. I had exams, and no time. I failed 4 subjects, SUCH A FAILURE. But it's alright.

Random pictures uploaded. I'm bored.



I blinged my bangle holder with this!




This is gooooooood ~


It was a windy day. I was in the toilet and I received a text from Wendy. Made my day! XX


Korea! I'd like to go there again!


All the pictures inside were taken by a pro photographer during our Korea trip. The album was about BND400+ wtf.



Hello Kitty!!


Egg tarts from Macau.


Yun's work.



Gave him to Jackie, they named him Peanut!




I cut it already :'(


Sean's fingers are longer than mine. ._.


My current wallpaper!


Yun's work again.


Ying's eraser has 3 sides and she drew 3 faces. This scared the hell outta me k.



Ambrose! Looks like Yoogeun can!


Steamboat at grandparents' place on the night before Uncle Jeffrey went back to Aussie.


Thank you Zanna's daddy!






Stuff Ying's mum got me from Phillipines. Thank you EE!




Mine. We had a competition on drawing pictures with Paint, only allowed to use the bucket, spray and straight line. I got more votes HA! :P


Zanna's. So random! Hahahha!


On our way to Miri. Look, it was raining!


Can see? There's like a line.


Not bad ma my phone. The car was moving at 120km/h.

Eh only 35 photos? Kima I had to upload them all almost 1 by 1. ==

I will blog again soon. I promise. I'm tired and sleepy, it's 2.10am already. Good night. X

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