Wednesday, February 2, 2011

I have pictures again! YAY ME!

So I didn't go to school today because not many were going, Fen Yee told me there were only 7 of them. But Ihad fun yesterday! We had 2 periods of PE but the teacher let us have 1 free period since she was busy. Then during Chinese, we had tea!

Bio, Maths and relief classes, total of 4 periods, we watched Rapunzel. AWESOME I TELL YOU. It's just like the cinema. But T.Stella ruined all the fun. Then English, then POA -_-

Oh, I went to the Hello Kitty shop today. There wasn't a lot to fancy but it's already good enough for Brunei to have a Hello Kitty shop. Oh, how I miss the Hello Kitty store in Japan. :(

Pictures taken with Joyce's camera.






I think WM was busy.


I don't like people having the same name as me.

Pictures taken with Nokia E71. Very blur.


JACCUZZI'S PRODUCT. She teaches Ian a lot of bad things like this picture above. :(


Like couple ho?! Dance practice last year.





I hate how JY looks so pretty in every angle!


Even her kiampa face also so pretty!


But I love you, Jun Yu! :3



At Teresa's house doing our Chinese project!


During tuition, Wendy and I were talking about Hey Arnold! Then the others were like asking us what is that, so we drew. This is Wendy's version.


This is my version! Of course mine looks better. Right? :3


Jackie's school shoes which costed only $1.90. I know.


A CNY card Ian made for me! HAHA! I asked " What is I love to my sister? " Then he said " Oh, the ' I ' is nothing, should be ' Love to my sister '. " HAHAHA.


Oh, the dress has to be worn with a belt.[Is this a sentence?]

One of the most expensive outfits I've ever had in my life I guess. $100+ :\

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