Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Hello! This post will be about my birthday. I have pictures! :D

So last last Sunday, 23.1.2011, a few friends planned a surprise birthday party! I was sooo touched! :')

So there are 11 of them.
Jackie, Rufina, HY, MS, Zanna, CY, Peggy, WM, SJJ, Loong and YC.

My mum asked me to wake up at 9am and lied to me that I had to reach Symphony by 10.30am instead of 4.30pm for extra piano lesson. I WAS SO PISSED BECAUSE I ALREADY DIDN'T WANNA GO FOR EXTRA. But oh well. So I bathed[Is that even a word?] and got dress.

Since my door was not closed, I heard dogs barking so I went out and the toilet door was closed. Weird. Saw a piece of paper on the floor and it said something about Agent R so I thought it was Ian's. So I didn't care lah. Everyone almost died because of me. :x

But then I went on twitter and saw Jackie's tweet. Went down and saw so many shoes, confirm lo. Everyone's at my house, I just had to find them. So like I searched for everyone 2 by 2, they had a paper with them which were clues. So yeah. Then I finished the ' mission '. They were already in my room, preparing the cake.


FYI, I hate people sitting/standing/bouncing/laying/jumping/doing anything on my bed. So I ran and they sang. Aiyo shy shy neh :$

HAHAHAH then we went to mall. Aiya I lazy say already. :x So I walked to Symphony at 4.30pm and saw Terence!

End of story. :3


Jackie and Rufina hid outside at the car park.


Loong and YC in the toilet. They didn't want to open the door. But luckily they closed also, if I go in shee shee then cham.

MS, Yun and Peggy in the kitchen.

Zanna and HY in the store room.

WM and SJJ outside.



My face when HY said they were destroying my bed. ._.




Someone : Eh who cut cake?

Everyone : WEN MEE.

She cuts nice bah ;)


Thanks for the cake guys!













I don't know what happen to mami's hand. :\





EMSHAMS! We share the same birthday! This was on Thursday.


We got her something too! I'm glad that she loves it!


The paper! This was outside my room.


Found Jackie and Rufina, they gave me this piece.


Ying and Zanna.


YC and Loong, obviously. Just look at the paper! So ugly AHAHAH


WM and SJJ.


Peggy, Yun and MS. But I found them first actually.



Pillows my brother got me!


Laptop bag from Jackie, Rufina, Yun and Peggy! But it was too small for my laptop :(


Bag from MS!


Hair thingy from WM!


Glass bottle from HY!


Chairbox[But more of a box], earrings and ring from Zanna!


Perfume from ZW and JY!




From Suk Chin! So cute lah her. I love the headband but it's like.. Too childish for me to use :\


From Wendy!


From my HEROES. Papa and mami. [L]

I actually know I was getting an iPhone since December already, my dad ordered from some SG dude for only $888, he bought 2, but someone took one already. FOL -.-

So he said we had to wait, but then no stock! FOL again. I was so sad ok. :(

And then on Tuesday, I saw this box on my table. Then I screamed lo.

M : PA WHERE DID YOU BUY THIS?! I thought no stock?!
D : From Incomm lo! So bad eh you, no phone your face become so black.
M : Aiyo sorry lah. THANK YOU AH PA I LOVE YOU AH. * sayang head *
D : Paisi eh you.


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Puffy said...

Is awesome to see the love from
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