Sunday, January 2, 2011


I was waiting for the rest to upload the Seafood Centre pictures but no one did so these are all I have.


Waiting for the rest. Walked to SFC, didn't know how to cross the road. Almost got killed lol.




Ling and Wen!








Yun's profile picture last time!


Kiulap [25.12.10] and Picnic at Peggy's [27.12.10]


We were suppose to have our lunch at LLF but then it was full! So we went to Country Patch instead, Yun paid for everyone of us because we were suppose to go to her house on that night but she cancelled because she thought we changed the plan without telling her so yeah.

Walked around Kiulap, sweat alot. This picture was taken at Qlap Mall.


Near Peggy's stationery shop!


Went on a boat ride! HY followed me and we brought Jackie home. SJJ's house at night.


The road to this empty area was all covered with grass! LONG SHARP GRASS! Peggy had to ' open ' the road for us, so yeah. We've got alot of cuts. But still thank you , Peggy!



Only 5 went. Me, WM, Jackie, Peggy and Yun. Everyone had their lunch already so we brought snacks and drinks only. We couldn't even finish.




I think it was a candid.





I know I looked weird k.









I wanted to take a group photo but then I accidentally pressed the button and K-CAKKK.















This tourist ah.







Nola, I tied my hair into a bun, and then it turned out like that.


Not bad lah. HAHAHA.

So the picnic was awesome! It was my first time and the weather was great! Not too sunny, so we didn't really sweat. Talked alot with WM, sang with Jackie too. Hahahah.

First day of school wasn't good. Ah Tiong caught me with my hair. He actually did already last year but I didn't care 'cause it was almost holiday. Then ourconversation just now was like..

* Touches my hair *
H : Why is it not black?
M : Cannot dye black anymore. [Oops I lied.]
H : Go salon and ask for the strongest dye. If cannot ask them to cut the outer layer. Or else no need to come back.
M : O.

So I dyed my hair black, my grandma helped. I look like Snow White with darker skin and pale-r lips. I don't like it.

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