Saturday, January 15, 2011


Oh hello there, love. Haven't been updating these few days. I didn't have the time. My schedule is already packed with schools and tuitions and activities and homeworks. I hate it. :( Maybe I'm taking my Piano Theory at the end of February and Drum Practicals around May. NOOOOOOOO!

Okay sooooo.. We've already decorated the notice board. I don't have a picture of the whole thing because I couldn't bring my camera because it's big and heavy and if it wasn't, I wouldn't bring it either so right now, I can only show you a picture that Chiew Niing drew! It's for the art section!


LOOOOOK OH MY GOD SO CUTE! Can you spot me? If no, I'll just tell you then. I'm at the bottom row, 2nd from the left. OMG SO CUTE CAN HAHAHAHA.

Big thanks to Chiew Niing!


So last Sunday, we went to Pizza Hut for lunch to celebrate Loong's birthday. There was a cake but we didn't know about it. His parents surprised him! So nice :3 And his dad paid for our lunch, so paiseh ah. :\


Anyways, we went to watch Season Of The Witch starring Nicholas Cage. It was okay, our group were the noisiest in the cinema, Chong and Zanna was loud! There were 15 of us. A couple behind ssh-ed them. LOL.

After the movie, we went shopping. ._. Went to WP first, Chong bought a shirt. And then we went to iTop, he asked us to. And then to Bingo. There was nothing for me to buy because I don't spend my own money on clothes! But then I saw this!


I've been looking all over for this thingy! Wendy has one and I asked her where she got it. Then she said she got it from ISTYLE, $7.90. The price was alright but I haven't been there yet. Then I went to SG right, saw one which costed $9.90. And then another one which costed $12.90. Celaka so expensive.

BUT THIS ONE ONLY COSTED $4.90 DAMN CHEAP LAH CAN. It matches my New Year clothes somemore!

Chong was like ' What is this? Got wire inside one is it? I help you do one lah, I take the wire and wrap with tissue paper. ' -___________________-

Then we went to Coffee Bean, I didn't stay and chat because my car was there already. Too bad. :\ But yeah.



And Wendy got back from UK on Monday morning, 11am! WHEEEEE. I missed her so much! She showed me the pictures she took and it looks fun. I will go there one day, and she will pay for my flight ticket and expenses TEEHEE. Nola, I'm not that evil.

She got me this Hello Kitty bag thing and a pen. OMG SO CUTE OK. EEEEEEE X3


And these are from Accessorize! DAMN CHEAP LO. I saw this shop in SG and the accessories there are like OMFGKNNBCCB expensive! In UK, 70% off! The ring is abit too big. :\


An Eiffel Tower keychain, love it to the max! She said 3 pounds[sp] for 20 key chain. SHIOK AHHH. And a Russ Unicorn! I've been wanting that since like 3 years ago! My mum didn't want to get me one.

AHHH I've been so into unicorns since Primary 4 when I got my mini unicorn stuff toy from Marshmallow, then Wendy got herself one too which is exactly like mine! A darker pink though. And then she got me this mini blue Nici unicorn and herself a pink one! And now she got me this Russ unicorn, she has a Russ pig. :3

AHH twins. But not physically. :D

So today, I went to the temple in Limbang because of some God's birthday. I have the picture but I don't want to scare you guys. :\ So we went to the temple and there was a lion dance! But I wasn't really interested lah 'cause they were not performing, they were like giving luck to the rooms and cars or something, I don't know how to explain.

Then the God went into the man's body! I tell you how the God looks lah k. He wears a white hat and he has long black hair with long tongue. His skin is white. :D His name is ' Yi Jian Fa Cai '. You go google translate and type ' One Meet Fortune '. HAHAHHAA. Ok I simply say one. Just try lah.

I think I'm gonna go now. I guess this is a very long post eh? :3


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